Hey jude ˙ˇ˙ Hey Jude, don't make it bad 嘿裘!別沮喪   Take a sad song 找一首哀傷的歌   And make it better 把它唱得更快樂   Remember, to let her into your heart 記得將它唱入你找房子的心田   Then you can start to make it better 世界就能開始好轉   Hey Jude, don't be afraid 嘿裘!別害怕   You were made to go out and get her 你天生就要勇於克服恐懼   The minute You 土地買賣let her under your skin 當你將它身埋於心底那一刻   Then you begin 世界就   To make it better 開始好轉   And anytime you feel the pain 當你感受痛苦的滋味   Hey Jude, refrain 嘿裘!要忍耐   酒店經紀Don't carry the world upon your shoulders 別把世界的重擔都往肩上扛   For well you know that it's a fool 你知道那些愚蠢的人   Who plays it cool 總是裝做不在乎   By making his world a 酒店工作little colder 把自己的世界弄得很冷酷   Hey Jude, don't let me down 嘿裘!別讓我失望   You have found her now go and get her 既然找到真愛就要勇敢追求   Remember (Hey Jude) to let her 記住酒店打工(嘿裘!)要將他   into your heart 攬入你的心房   Then you can start to make it better 那樣世界就能開始好轉   So let it out and let it in 所以啊,讓你的愛自由來去   Hey Jude, begin 嘿裘!開始酒店兼職啊   You're waiting for someone to perform with 你期待有個人與你同台表演   And don't you know that it's just you 你不知道那個人就是你自已嗎   Hey Jude, you'll do 嘿裘!你會辦室內設計到   The movement you need is on your shoulder 下一步該怎麼做就全看你自己   Hey Jude don't make it bad 嘿裘!別喪氣   Take a sad song and make it better 找一首哀傷的歌把它唱得更快樂   裝潢Remember you let her under your skin 記得將它深藏於心   Then you'll begin 世界就能   To make it better 開始好轉 這首歌  打掃時間一直放 英文課時也放 真ㄉ是喔! 室內裝潢 越聽越愛ㄋ  =ˇ= 孫燕姿和披頭四唱ㄉ版本都很讚 ! 

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